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Get Quick Full Turnkey PCB Assembly Quotes online.

  • Review prototypes and a budgetary assembly labor estimates.
  • Upload the Bill of Materials to obtain full turnkey quotes for the materials and assembly.
Depends on the total line items and its sources, it should be available on the same day to within 24 hours, but we will email turnkey quotes as soon as they are available.  

Information needed for full turnkey quotation

A. Bill of Materials (BOM)
should include:
  • Manufacturer's Part Number
  • Quantity
may include:
  • Manufacturer's name
  • Reference Designators
  • Alternate Part Numbers
  • Component's package type       

B. Assembly Type 

  • Type 1: Single Sided SMT Assembly
  • Type 2: Double Sided SMT Assembly

C. RoHS (Lead-Free) Assembly or not

D. Quantity 
and Turnaround

E. Workmanship standard requirements: 

  1. IPC Class 2
  2. IPC Class 3

We will provide competitive quotes from multiple Printed Circuit Boards supplier and Component vendors with the actual available inventory at hand.  The component quotation includes consideration for necessary extra components for passive components and minimum active parts.

Sample Turnkey BOM