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Program Management

Concepts to Commercialization

Whether your product is in the conceptual design stage or needs to upgrade to the next revision, Symprotek can manage the development project. We have extensive experiences and resources in the EMS industry relating tasks involved in the product development phase; design, engineering, manufacturing, and supply chain.
We can provide 

  • Complete Program / Project Management (from concept to market)
  • Conceptual design, Pilot Run/NPI Launch, Pre-Production
  • Production/Transition to Oversea Market / Distribution
  • Both domestic and oversea supplier and operation management
  • Local inventory management
  • Single point of contact

Our Team has proven experiences in Program Management / Supply Chain Management in Electronic Contract Manufacturing, dealing with industries in Medical, Information and Communication Technology, Military, Semiconductor, and Automation.


End-Of-Life (EOL) Program Management

  1. Evaluate BOM/AVL for any components obsolescence and their phase in the life cycle
  2. Review customer's inventory
  3. Strategize components procurement
  4. Check necessary manufacturing resources; test program & fixtures and assembly/debugging instructions

Medical Diagnostic Devices

Medical Grade Plastics and accessory package for hospital medicine dispense equipment.
PCB Assembly, cable, and system integration
PCB Assembly RoHS conversion
PCB Assembly test, and engineering support for hematology equipment
PCB Assembly and system integration for eye surgery equipment
Wearable wireless Consumer Medical Device

Semiconductor Equipment

Large metrology equipment system integration. (In clean room environment)
PCB Assembly, machined parts, cable, test, and engineering support.

Military Application

PCBA and Engineering Support

IoT (Internet of Things) Platform Products

Wearable Devices
Automobile Electronics