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System Integration & Box Build

We have been providing R&D and product development work in the semiconductor equipment industry and high-end LCD monitor sector. We have involved in Diagnostic System Integration for advanced metrology systems for the semiconductor industry. The System Integration engaged in developing and building the prototypes of semiconductor wafer-stress-mapping systems.


Advanced metrology system integration

We have built a semiconductor wafer stress and flatness mapping system from the customer’s design documentation. The system integration involved making multiple hardware platforms with different software platforms for measuring 2-dimensional wafer stress and topography. Designed a thermal stress module from Korea and integrated into the main stress tool from the electrical control system to mechanical subsystem integrations.

  • Experience in building simple to large system integration for Novellus, Applied Material, Lam Research, and Oraxion.
  • Experience in building small to medium size PVD sub-systems and chassis for pre and post-deposition treatment and liquid delivery processes.
  • Functional test capability.
  • Equipped with Class 10,000 Clean Room in local operation and oversea operation for system integration.