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Test Solution
Symprotek Corporation provides customers with an array of PCBA test solutions to ensure product performance, functionality, and reliability.  There are varieties of PCBA test solutions; In-Circuit Test (ICT) using Agilent 3070 platform, Functional Tests, Flying Probe testing, Automated Optical Inspection (AOI), and combinations of the above.

In-Circuit Test (ICT) checks for shorts, opens, capacitance, resistance, and measures performance of the components using a bed of nail electrical probes. ICT is a very comprehensive PCBA test solution that can verify the integrity of the component and identify manufacturing nonconformance.
Flying Probe PCBA Test Solution is a cost-effective way for PCBA prototype verification. Electrical connections are made through a flying probe to test signal integrity instead of using a bed of nail test fixtures that can be expensive and hard to make changes. For a fast turn prototype, PCB Assembly to verify initial designs and a small volume PCB Assembly run, the Flying Probe PCBA Test Solutions is one of the most economical options.
Automated Optical Inspection (AOI), PCBA Test Solution, is an automated visual inspection of PCB Assembly. It is a fast and accurate inspection of PCB Assembly during and after the production line. It can be placed just after the soldering process to monitor process controls and can be used as 100% automated visual inspection at FQA.

The PCBA Test Solutions and services include:


  • In Circuit Testing: Agilent 3070 Series 3 ICT fully loaded 3070S3
      – Fixture Development
      – Software Development
      – In-Circuit Testing
      – Engineering Change Order (ECO) Implementation
      – Advanced Boundary Scan Development
      – Ability to handle high node count and complexity
      – Integrate functional tests into ICT
  • Functional Testing Capabilities
      – Testing Development
  • Flying Probe Testing
      – Software Development
      – Prototype PCBA Test Solutions
  • Automated Optical Inspection (AOI)
      – Saki BF-Frontier II
      – In-line High-resolution & High-speed PCBA Test Solutions
      – L-size PCB Assembly board
      – Resolution of 18µm and scanning line color CCD camera
      – For 01005, 0201 chip, as well as IC’s with 0.4 mm pitch lead are easily inspected and analyzed.
  • Debugging and Troubleshooting Capabilities
  • Burn In: Static & Dynamic

Flying Probe Tester 25"x26"