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A.    Bill of Materials

  1. Part Number 

  2. Part Description 

Quantity per board 

  4. Reference Designator 

  5. Revision

B.     An Approved Vendor List for materials (AVL)

  1. Customer Part Number 

  2. Manufacturer 

  3. Manufacturer’s Part Number 

  4. Alternate Part Numbers

C.    Current Drawings

  1. Assembly: PCBA, Cables, Sub-Systems
  2. Fab
  3. Schematics

D.    Gerber Data for PCB fab and stencil masters
E.     CAD SMD placement files
         Coordinate for Reference Designators: X, Y, Rotation, (X, Y, θ) 

F.     Testing Requirement
G.    Annual Quantity requirement 

  1. Scheduled release quantity 

  2. First delivery requirements 

H.    Workmanship standard requirements 

  1. IPC Class 2
  2. IPC Class 3