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Global Supply Chain Solutions

Global Supply Chain Solutions for a Small to Mid Tier customer


  • Over 30 years of experience with the variety of different plastic application manufacturing 
  • Excellent Engineering / Design Team with eight high volume capable plants in throughout Asia (Korea, Vietnam, China, Indonesia).
  • Medical grade plastic manufacturing capability.
  • Successful cases with a medical equipment manufacturer in Silicon Valley to support its medical grade plastic parts that go into its medical cabinets (with substantial annual procurement cost saving).
  • Cost saving by utilizing oversea plants (in China and Indonesia).
  • Conceptual design to quick NPI to production support capabilities.
  • Experienced supporting many of top-notch companies in the world for more than 30 years.

Cable Assembly

  • Both domestic and oversea operation.
  • Flexible local manufacturing service.
  • Oversea manufacturing partner for high volume production support.
  • Excellent engineering services.
  • Quick turn capability.
  • The complex cable assembly capability including Flex Cable.

Field Service Packages

  • Both domestic and oversea support capabilities
  • Concept to market capabilities
  • Logistic capability
  • Local inventory management